Air Quality Management Company (AQMC)

Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering

Industry: Environmental Technologies

Export Market: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Switzerland

Activities Funded: Compliance Testing, U.S. Commercial Service, Sample Shipping

Air Quality Management Company (AQMC), founded and led by Ranyae Fernandes, is a California-based and women-owned business specializing in air and surface sterilization as well as odor removal exclusively through air-based methods. Recently, AQMC secured funding aimed at facilitating export endeavors in both the Middle East and Europe.

Ranyae wisely allocated this financial support towards obtaining essential HVAC certifications vital for shipping to Middle East markets. Collaborating closely with the U.S. Commercial Service office in Ontario CA, she orchestrated matchmaking meetings utilizing the Gold Key Service in Saudi Arabia and Dharan, while simultaneously arranging sample shipments to Dubai, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Thanks to Ranyae’s proactive engagement with the U.S. Commercial Service Local office in Ontario and assistance from the California STEP Grant, AQMC landed three significant projects in Saudi Arabia. These projects entail installations in hospitals, hospitality, and Sewerage Treatment sectors, amounting to an impressive total value of $250,000.