Law Office of Michael B. Dye

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Industry: Professional & Business Service

Export Market: Thailand and Indonesia

Activity Funded: Participate in 2023 Asia Trade Winds

Outcome: Two sales agreements valued at a total of $40,000 in March and April 2023, in addition to anticipated future export sales of $ 200,000.


The Trade Winds 2023 event, with mission stops in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore for business matchmaking meetings were very successful. The entire Trade Mission was well planned, professionally organized, and exceeded my expectations in terms of business leads and future partnerships. It was well worth the time and effort, and I would be very interested in attending future events.
~ Michael B. Dye, Owner of Law Office of Michael B. Dye

Law Office of Michael B. Dye has been in business in Aliso Viejo, California since 2007, providing assistance to individuals seeking non-immigrant visas to visit the United States for business or pleasure, attend school or participate in an exchange program, invest in a new or existing business, or engage in temporary work. They utilized California State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) funding to participate at the 2023 Asia Trade Winds mission stops and B2B matchmaking meetings in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia and achieve 2 sales agreements of $40000 total. They have also established 10 sales leads through their participation with anticipated future export sales of $ 200,000.


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Publication Date: May 9, 2023